Spectacular Religious and Cultural Events

MASKAL (26th of September) The finding of the True Cross

The 1st  intangible Event in Ethiopia registered by UNESCO as a world Heritage.
Maskal has become popular attraction and interest of visitors. It has been celebrated for centuries. On The eve of Maskal a festival commemorating the finding of the true cross ,priests wearing ornamented robes, carrying silver and Golden crosses dance with their followers around the bonfire singing and chanting in the middle of thousands of spectators converged in traditional costumes.


The greatest feast in Ethiopia ( January 19th) On the eve priests from all churches carry the holy Ark ( Tabot) to form a procession and proceed to a nearby stream. Early morning people partake at the holy communion in presence of the Patriarck or an Archbishop, the priests performing solemn dance.
One of the richest and spectacular event to attend and watch.


Ethiopian Christmas also called ( Lidet) falling on the 7th of January is celebrated by a church service that goes throughout the night. People including the clergy fast for weeks abstaining from animal products.
Hockey like game ( genna) is played by youngsters organizing themselves in teams. At the end of the game the wining team goes back to the village singing traditional victory songs during Christmas.

This celebration is unique at Lalibella.

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