According to a legendary account King Lalibela was born at ROHA (present day Lalibella). He is said to have been named by his mother who, not long after his birth saw swarm of bees  surrounding him, where upon recalling an old Ethiopian belief that the animal world could foretell  the advent of important personnages. The spirit of prophecy came upon her and she cried out “ The bees know that this child would become king’ She accordingly called her son LALIBELLA, which means “ the bees recognize his sovereignty”
Eleven remarkable churches hand-carved out of the living bed rock remains today for all to see.
The Lalibella churches has been preserved as one of UNESCO’s WORLD HERITAGE sites. The churches have certain  features.
in common, but at the same time differ widely from each other. Over the centuries innumerable foreign travelers have visited and been impressed by the Lalibela Churches. Today it’s rich and colorful history are  unforgettable to life.

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