The medieval walled city of Harrar is a great commercial town. With it’s more than 90 mosques and shrines is considered the 4th most sacred center of the Moslem world established in 1520. Traders arrived Harrar in these period included persons of many nationalities. Among them the best known foreigner to reside in the city was the renowned French poet Arthur Rimbaud whose remarkable house today still stands at the center of the City. Five Gates were each used by the Caravans traveling to and from a different area and each have a specific name.
Harrar today with it’s atmosphere of History and of past glory is a fascinating stopping place for a traveller.One of the sights of Harrar today is provided by the famous “ Hayena Men”
who as evening falls set themselves up along the outskirts of the City and perform a remarkable show by throwing meat’ offal and bones to the wild Hayenas.

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