Todays knowledge of birds comes from Bird Watching, which is not only an enjoyable hobby, But also contributed valuable data on the behavior and migration of Birds.
The Rift valley passes right through ETHIOPIA endowing the country with spectacular feature and a string of beautiful lakes. This region is home for more than 800 species of birds in which more than 26 endemics can be identified.
Our Bird watching Tours cover this magnificent ecological area.

 Ethiopia is a land of wild animals.You can see Endemic species like Walia Ibex, Mountain Nyala, Gelada Babbons The simen Red Fox in Simen Mountains. and Bale Mounatains. Among Other animals protected there are different types of Gazzeles,Zebras, Oryx, Water Bucks, Baboons, Kudus, Lions , Elephants, Bufaloos in Other number of fascinatingNational Parks such as Awash, Nech Sar, Gambella, Omo, Mago parks each unique in their own way.

Our Itineraries are open to any combinations. GMA is ready to conduct Itineraries to your interests and budget with selection of your preferred style of accommodation.

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