Bale Mountains

The Bale mountains National Park has been established as the last remain refuge in Ethiopia of the rare mountain Nyala and of Semien
red fox. It contains the richest flora and fauna of the alpine habitat in all of Ethiopia.

The park occupies a surface area of 2470 square kilo metres  providing a unique diversity of landscape , vegetation and fauna.
While in Bale mountains one natural wonder worth visiting is the network of the SofOmar Caves on the plains below the mountain complex.These caves formed by the Weyb river where it enters a vast underworld of limestone and chalk. 120 kms from the town of Robe the cave’s name is derived from a holy man Shiek Sof Omar who took refugee in this hide-away , which has become an important Islamic shrine.It is one of the world’s most spectacular and extensive underground system with echo-chambers, soaring stone pillars and high arched vaults following the river course.

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