Arba Minch

ARBA MINCH makes a most enduring impression on the mind of the visitor. Is constituted by Lakes ...


Axum ranked with Rome, Persia and China as one of the four great kingdoms of the world. The Steles ...

Bahir Dar

A charming town located on the bank of Lake TANA.“ TANA a heaven for faith “ Ethiopia’s ...

Bale Mountains

The Bale mountains National Park has been established as the last remain refuge in Ethiopia of the ...


Todays knowledge of birds comes from Bird Watching, which is not only an enjoyable hobby, But ...

Dalol depression

The AFAR (Danakil) region is one of the most isolated parts of the Earth. After the rift valley ...


Gondar was the political center of Ethiopia for some two hundred years. The founder was Emperor ...


The medieval walled city of Harrar is a great commercial town. With it’s more than 90 mosques and ...


According to a legendary account King Lalibela was born at ROHA (present day Lalibella). He is said ...

Semien Mountains

In the breathtaking Semien Mountains, most of the country’s endemic animals are found. The ...

The omo river valley

Few areas remain in Africa that can be described as true Wilderness. The peoples of the lower Omo ...

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Our drivers/Guides have been with us for many years.We have a firm commitment for the principles of responsible travel. Suitable vehicles are available according to Itineraries and number of passengers. Tours by Air are operated subject to advance bookings and confirmation of flights.


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